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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 2:12pm
Current mood: ahh i dont really know
Music: Until the Day I Die-SOTY
Subject: If you die right now you know that I'd die too
good song. I don't listen to it as much now. I think I'll be instituting a strong regiment of SOTY listening. Man have things NOT BEEN HAPPENING. I'm trying to go to the camp reunion. that aint gonna happen. Probably since i didnt go this year. but i'm still gonna try. I'll call or something. Now that i have a job and a steady income, i can afford it and pay for it myself. So thats one less thing my parents need to worry about. I went to get my driving permit validated. They wont let me. i have really bad vision in my left eye. So I gotta get a doctor to say that i can get my permit with glasses. GREAT. So now i'm just gonna get a surgery in february so i never have to worry about it again. I wear contacts and ish. But now i'll get surgery to straighten out my eye more so that i have better peripheral vision and hopefully better regular vision. Right now i have perfect heat and X-Ray vision. So i dont need to worry about that. the doc promises that won't be affected. We'll see (no pun intended). Alyson is home today. Well she's been home for a few days. SHe got tickets to a sonic session with Taking Back Suday. For those that don't know......A sonic session is basically a private, acoustic concert for less than 75 people, all set up by Y-100 (our local rock station) So this is pretty badass. Even though im not a big TBS fan. O well. PEACE
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