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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 11-26-2004 at 8:26pm
Music: Homecoming by Green Day
i cant wait for december to come. its always the best month of the year. always. winter isn't my favorite season but december is my favorite month. reasons its the best month:

*the play
*KANSAS CITY!!! which includes seeing JASON UPTON!!!!
*the end of a year
*only one more month until i'm 16
*heathers birthday
*moms birthday
*allisons birthday
*did i mention kansas city and jason upton???

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11-26-04 8:41pm

who's jason upton?

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Re:, 11-26-04 11:13pm

yeah i don't recall being told about this jason upton guy either

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11-26-04 11:18pm

Not to mention Christmas. :o)

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11-26-04 11:19pm

Nevermind. Didn't read that good enough. Hah.

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11-26-04 11:29pm

yay! i love you too tree...i was going to leave a comment saying my birthday too but then i got super excited when i read it..hehe

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