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pamela (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2004 at 12:31am
Current mood: amused
olb49wrestle171: Don't die on the way to Pontiac. See, I'm not wishing your death.
Evillynne71588: aww, how sweet
olb49wrestle171: If you die of unnatural causes, I want to be the cause.
Evillynne71588: okay, not so sweet
Evillynne71588: lol

don't you just love that? lol, it made me laugh so hard. my friends are sooo sweet, aren't they?
my kitty cat sadie is laying on my lap purring and being cute as hell. she's so tiny, she's like kitten size, but she's like a year old, so she's gonna be itty bitty forever...unless some cold hearted monster runs her over like they did to my killer baby...ow ow ow ow ow she's latching on to my arm with her devilish claws...ow ow ow, aww and i know she's enjoying the pain she's inflicting on me as she still continues to purr. lol i wuv my kitty cats, sometimes i think they're better than people, then i think it'd be a little creepy if my cats were my only, then i'd really be the crazy cat girl, :D oh okay i'm done with this meaningless entry.
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11-27-04 1:04am

huh, where do you know Kurt from?

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Re:, 11-27-04 8:35am

i know him from german class from last year and this. he's so mean to me it's funny. lol

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