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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 10:29pm
Music: k i s s meeeeeeeee - mariah carey
Subject: holy christ!!
holy christ! lol. this weekend was unbelievable i had butterflies 3 days .. scratch that, 4 days in a row. heres what went down.. -~-~>

friiday -- okie dokie, me paul and aunt lee go to the isle [ long island] .. we get there around 3'ish. nobodys home so i start my homework, we dilly dally, finally aunt dee gets home. next thing i know, my aunt patties calling, so i answer it. i get invited to go to the movies. so me rob paul n jimmy go to the movies, we get in to see national treasure, which in fact, is a damn good movie. so, its this order in seats from left to right .. jim me rob paul, so me n jim share the drink he bought, im leainin towards him, hes leaning towards me..nothing happend, just a smidge of innocent flirting. after the movies i get dropped off back at aunt dees, then the kids come back over and we played texas holdem, i gave r o b a massage, and then we all passed the fuuck out.

saturday - omg what an incredible day i swear to you. ok so i get up at 10 something to a text message by jimmy, we talk for a bit, then he invited me to the mall. so he picekd me up, we went to the mall, bought a few things, got in massage cfhairs -- those shits are ill as fuck -- then we went to tgif and we had lunch -- he paid for me. then we went back to my aunts house, played cards, then we had to leave quick cuz we were going to the movies, again, he paid for my ticket, but i snuck in the money to buy the drink. SCCCOORE lol. it was so cute, he was gonna get pepsi, thn saw they had cherry pepsi, he asked me if i lieked it so we coould share it i was like awwwwwwww lol.. the movie we flirted, leaned towards one another.. holy christ i wanted to make my move haha. then we picked up the goonies, went to aunt pats, then he brought me back to aunt dees and dropped me off, he woulnt leave until i was in the door.. awz then he came back over w/ the goons, and we played cards, he got an incredible back massage, so did i , i know he looved it lol. he loveed it, the moans comin out of is mouth lmfao.. then i started massaging his neck and arms, oh baby .. yeaa lol yes, mucho flirting, i was leaing on him n just WO lol. he smells soo good lol. i can say soo muich more about this night, but i gotta go in like 2 min

then sunday, aka today i played pool and txted jim all day long. idk i wanna confront him about me liking him czu if he dont know hes kina retarded ... but i dont wana be rejected, omg id be soo happy if he liked me back.. theres just a few little bumps in the road lol right lovie.. well i gotta go b4 my aunt rips me another asshole...

hellpp .. omg i hope he likes me ...... lol to confront him or not to confront him!!!?

When I see him, I got nothing to say -- cause the damn urge to kiss him takes my breath away...

i could wake up to that face everyday.. plus, we're both good massuses hehe.
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11-30-04 9:35pm

Right!!! lol....ur weekened was awesome i wish i was there.dam rob is hot haha...CoNfRoNt HiM..well u did already ne way soo u need a new entry ur behind haha...loverr youu muahzz - LaUrEn*

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