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glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2004 at 9:26pm
I thought today was going to be miserable, but after 2nd hour it wasn't all that bad. It was great. After school me and Kate went over to Nate's then, had to babysit from 3:15 till like 8:30 ughhhhhhhh I smell like baby Ugh! Their adoreable, but don't listen at all. Finally got home and called Mitch back, and I'm just so happy right now.I hope it stays that way! I LOVE YOU JESSIE GILLETTE YOU ARE A SWEETHEART! I love you Jess WIlde, you are a BOMB ASS PUSSY! and KATE YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN SKYS ARE GREY YOU"LL NEVER KNOW DEAR HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU SO PLEASE DONT TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY!!! :) *smiles uncontroablly*

PLEASE if ANY one can tutor me in Anatomy, please please please leave a comment or call me 648-3771.

<3 Jess

Leave me a comment if you love me!!!
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11-29-04 9:34pm

thanks for just getting offline without saying bye :0(

ask me about babysitting tomorrow k.

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Re:, 11-30-04 3:31pm

sorry I didn't mean too...:( The computer froze.

I love you puss.

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11-30-04 12:32pm

haha i am good at anatomy! so what will be be studying, the human body?!?!;) u know who

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