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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2004 at 9:17pm
Subject: Music Video
Today I watched for the first time Here In My Room music video Chris made with the help of others of course. As I watch myself do my dance that I didn't know that was in the actual video but I don't really care. It was funny but frankly I just remember how I was back then and I hated it. Jessica with your hair that long you looked strange to me, not like bad looking just different I don't know how to explain it. Mitch looked different I think its only the hair, you still acted the same old Mitch I was laughing my ass off on some of things he said though. Whenever I hear my voice on tape I hate it, it sounds like my dad's voice I don't like it. Does my voice sound that bad seriously?
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12-02-04 12:34pm

NO. The voice you hear in your head is just all echoes of your actual voice! But your voice doesn't sound bad! but if i told you it did- would you talk like a girl?

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Re:, 12-02-04 9:17pm

talk like a girl, I am going to have to say no. I really don't think I could, the highest I can get is as high as MSC goes well i guess that's pretty high.

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