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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2004 at 9:42pm
Current mood: PISSED OFF!!
Subject: i'm in a really bad mood, thank you dad!
well the first play is over now. it went alright i suppose. a few tech things didn't work out but its ok. i think we did great for an opening night and the play was over half full so that was good.

right before i left my house to go get ready for the play, guess who called? my father. then i was forced to tell him about the play (he asked i didn't bring it up) and he says he's gonna come one of the nights. so we get in the huge argument because i said i didn't think he would want to go because he kicked me out of his house and he doesn't even want to see me anymore. but of course he "loves" me and "misses" me. yeah right. bs. then we argued about a bunch of the unfinished business that we have and he made me cry. and it HAD to be right before a show so i was all pissed off at him and couldn't focus.

and if i wasn't mad enough at him he decided to show up TONIGHT! he couldn't let me cool off or anything because he doesn't really care about anything i have to say... oh, but thats not the best part. ya know what he does? GIVESS ME MONEY TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER!!! yeah like money is gonna make me like him. i don't think thats ever gonna happen. hes such a jerk... and i hate him. i don't think i could hate anyone in the world as much as him. well i think i'm done now.

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12-02-04 11:38pm

I could be completely wrong but is it possible that your so upset because you do still care.

Like I said I really don't know and I have never been in your shoes. I wish that I could say something that would cause some grand epiphany but thats not likely. I'm sure your dad is a bastard, but maybe someday he will change. I hold out hope that all of us can change. Careful not to burn all your bridges.

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