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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2004 at 12:01am
well ... some stuff's new

I'm strung out over three classes, and maintianing my good status within these, that chem test was hell, and I'm not really so worried about English, but Math ... never liked it

so tori and gabe, good good, I'm very happy bout that, Jordan however... is not making me too happy, but I see where he's coming from

had a snowball fight at the bus stop the other day, just a fun memory I thought I'd bring up, pegged theo in the head twice

tomarrow I can rest ... kinda, I'm goin salsa dancing with Michal, Jordan, Taylor and company, then saturday I'm doing something odd
for a few of my single and depressed friends of the female persuasion I've organized a day where we are all getting together to drown our sarrows in ice cream and chick flicks, they have dubbed me an official girl ... so ... that's cool ... but I care about these people, they're sad ... so why not get them to have a bit of fun

next week the sixtet has practice, I wonder if we can still call it Sewage of the Vatican, it is a great name, and I'm thinking of forming a duo ... maybe with Saiki or Travis, possibly Tim ... anyone who thinks they can play the first violin part of the concerto for two violins

and then there's that party I got invited too, the masqurade one, that'll be great, wear a mask and fedora all night, go in and have a good time, there'll be a keg of mountain dew and we'll drink it with a beer bong

my week is filling up and I have to much work, it feels like I'm balancing too much, I feel tired, but I feel like I don't do enough
what's wrong with this picture?
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12-03-04 12:14am

you do too much.
thats whats wrong.

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12-03-04 9:29pm

Maybe you're not doing something that's meaningful enough to you.

I don't like Tayler much... I guess I just don't like what I see out of her personality at school. I should get to know her better.

Have you gone to the doctor's yet? I'm going to yell at you until you do...

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