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bluesunsets (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2004 at 1:13am
Andy, they all love you. You can't enjoy the good times without the bad, don't give up in the middle of it. If you keep scratching an itch, it'll get worse. Just be patient for that itch to go away and everything will be a bit more tolerable like it was your past 18 years. Those years never killed you.
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12-03-04 12:45pm

Yeah well, what happens when the itch is called and you've put the last 3 years of your life into it and it's all you are. And everytime you load it up you're forced to see the girl that you love that you'll never have. The only girl/person that you feel free to say anything to.

What happens when you have to give up everything that you are.

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Re:, 12-05-04 2:44pm

holy crap, i didn't know you were gonna reply to this :-P

Three years of a lifetime is nothing! One person to the millions of people out there is incomparable also. Plus, you don't have to give up everything you are. Woohu's just being a brat right now right? There can be someway to fix whatever's making you sell it, just apply yourself! :-P

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