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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2004 at 6:03pm
Current mood: cold
Music: Saints And Sailors - Dashboard Confessional
Subject: time is a broken glass that splinters against the wall..
wow, haven't had a chance to update until now.
yesterday was pretty fun.
i "missed" the bus (the buses weren't still there...really!), and justin said i could go home with him.
but, my parents got off work early, so i only got to be with him until about 4:15.
after that we went shopping.
it was pretty fun.
went to valley junction, valley west mall, world market, and barnes & noble.
i got a good start on my christmas shopping.
today was...okay.
i didn't feel very good (tired, and my legs hurt!), and yeah..
my mum called me about 3:10 and said they were off work, and asked if i was already on the bus.
since i was they just picked me up at crocker.
we went to get our christmas tree.
twas pretty fun.
it's rather nice getting a free tree every year.
now we have to work on my room.
the top bunk is going away, and im getting a desk!
this weekend..
i get to see amy tomorrow!!!
most likely the highlight of my weekend.
well, im out.
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12-04-04 12:33pm

Glad you had fun.

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