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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2004 at 5:10pm
Current mood: curious
Music: Ose Shalom
So woohu looks exactly like livejournal. Except that it's woohu. And not livejournal.


I guess the new layout is kind of cool...and that woohu codes are rare and I only had to pay like $2 for my account. This is soo weird!

So I got 5 hours of sleep last night, if that. Probably more like 4 and a half. The Advent Dinner went well (even though I totally like DID NOT HELP at all except for pouring water and Martinelli's) but I'm completely wiped from the day. How come Mr. Shaull gets to take a sick day? (Just kidding, the man's actually really sick. THAT DOESN'T GIVE HIM PERMISSION TO MAKE CERTAIN PEOPLE CRY, THOUGH!!)

Sooo glad there's no CC tonight and that I didn't have to sing in Chorale or Chorale Union today. *sigh*

So I got into that music camp in Maine!! YAY!! The sucky thing is that I have to make audition tapes still. And certain voice teachers coughPaigecough were really hesitant to help me. I think I'm going to need to ask Deb for a favor on this one...grrr. I've never made an audition tape before, and it's MUCH too stressful. Especially during the week before finals, when I'm sick AND have 3 concerts. Blech.

Well I'm really not in the mood to do anything but whine. Saturday was okay, spent like the ENTIRE day partying with pool boys. And by pool boys I mean friends from church, and by partying I mean writing a Christmas Pageant. ;-) Also went to see Nutcracker. Ali and Ruthie were so beautiful! Laramie Project Saturday night was INCREDIBLE!! Definitely cried through like half of it!! Such a great show, guys!! I'm glad a certain person coughSatterwhitecough didn't ruin it for you all. I mean, editing it is enough. I'm already pissed at her for that. If she had cancelled it because of something SO STUPID AND NOT EVEN THAT BAD... Sunday was filled with discussion during church (ooh, we're bad church people), an awesome horseback riding lesson, stress about getting people to my church to serve at the Advent Dinner, singing in choir (aka H-E-double hockey sticks), reading in the service (I totally came in late and didn't know what I was!), and serving at the dinner until like 10. Didn't start weekend homework until about 11. (Thus getting to bed around 2am...)

So before I play/sing at any of these holiday concert thingies, I'd just like to point out two things:

1) I'm sick. My voice does not sound like it usually does. (Not that you'll be able to hear me anyway, except for in Chorale.)
2) I started playing oboe again this year, starting second quarter, after a break of about a year and a half. I'm not exactly in oboe soloing condition. But what do I get as soon as I pick up my instrument again? A long solo in Symphonic Band and an accompaniment part for Chorale. Growl.

And now...I should do homework. Lack of sleep, not having my singing audition tape done, and general moodiness is not a good combination. *scowl*
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Advent dinner, 12-06-04 8:51pm

Ohhh man was the advent dinner fun!!! Hahaha.

"Excuse me mam, excuse me sir, would you like any Martinelli's/water?"


Oh yeah, and yours, Molly's, and Rachel's mini concert sitting in the corner.

Good times!


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Re: Advent dinner, 12-06-04 10:17pm

and 'can you guys maybe go outside if you're going to cheer like that?'

and then:

"..and we'd like to thank all of the servers tonight, some members of our youth and about 6-8 of them from the Los Altos High School Choral Music Dept...and a special thank you to Melissa Rose for organizing the servers!"

*glare at Doris* stuff!


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Re: Re: Advent dinner, 12-07-04 1:27am

If you need help with the audition tape, i'll be happy to do something! Don't know if you need help more with the music or putting together a tape, but if it's the latter, i can help!

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Re: Re: Re: Advent dinner, 12-09-04 2:45am

omg yes!! help meeee!!! the technical aspect of it is soooo freaking me out!! i swear, i'm going to have the voice part all taped nicely and then like tape OVER it with oboe...i'm smart like that when it comes to techie stuff...

:-/ chem test tomorrow...i'm scared...

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