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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 2:18pm
Subject: My Decision
I have chosen brain. I have thought about something for awhile, talked to my co-workers about it, and talked to a couple friends about it sort of. I have realized I am not good enough, not cool enough, and I have nothing to offer (well only myself).I know i have no chance so I am keeping things the way they are not that I could change them if I could. I don't care if I am a loser I'll get over it.
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12-07-04 7:50pm

I'd have to say you made the right choice and that I'm proud of you.

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12-07-04 8:53pm

hey co-worker, can you give me a ride tomorrow. My dad has to go pick up the new dryer tomorrow and says he probably won't be home when I have to go to work. If you can that would be really cool, but if you can't no big deal.

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Re:, 12-08-04 6:15am


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