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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 10:12pm
I've just been so damn tired lately
well ... Kenlein was amazed by my insight today .... yay ... but I hate it when these people say I'm bright, when they say I'll go somewhere, I hate it when they build me up because I fail, as a student and as a person ... I do my best but we all fuck up, and the higher they put me the harder I'll fall ... the more it hurts us all when I fail ... I don't want that to happen
notes on life ... morgan, was pissed at me, now feeling much better
SOTV practice tomarrow
Kayla called, interesting
A little party coming up, need to find a massive amount of Mountain Dew
Emily Lou and I will now be systematically taking over the world, today America, tomarrow the middle east ... and then ... Indonesia!!!
People love my last name way to much
Nick is an interesting person
I think I need a vacation
I can't get little clips of music out of my head
I need sleep
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12-08-04 8:59am

Mark... you need to be more optomistic..... not pesimistic. You will not fail. I know it. You arnt as bad as you think you are. Yes, it is logical for a person to, sometimes, not like it when people build up their egos........ because they THINK they are going to fall. But you Mark....... you wont fail. You wont fall....... and if you do by some chance............ youll be sofened by everyone that loves you. You need to have more self-confidance in your life man......... you just need to find out that life isnt as hard as you think it is..... its a bitch yes..... very much so but its not hard.

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12-08-04 10:38pm

Lauren has a journal.

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