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FeatherBoarder007 (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2004 at 12:34am
Current mood: Confused/Distressed/Pissed
Music: Maroon 5
Subject: Does Age Matter?
Why does everything have to be so confusing? One minute I like a guy, the next minute i don't...I HAVE ISSUES. I really shouldn't even waste my time on guys because it really doesnt make sense at all. I change which guy i like about ever 3 days and I can't even help it, no matter what. Then there's "him"...14 years old. DAMN that sounds so young. He's mature for his age but's kind of like robbing the cradle...isn't it?...but I like him SOOOOOOOOOOOO much....UGH don't know what to do anymore. I dunno. I'm 16, soon to be 17 on Feb. if anyone has any would be well appreciated.
OHHHH and then there's Josh. He's being retarted. WTF.
Gotta love my life. Dani.
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12-11-04 1:32pm

I think the same way about girls, but I see it as you can't like someone completely, there is always going to be that something you dislike about that person. I mean its usually just little things and I just learn to deal with them.

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