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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2004 at 1:36am
Music: "Trailer Trash" +Modest Mouse+
Subject: Cool, pictures.
These are from my birthday and beyond. I meant to post them sooner, but it happens. As usual, click below.

This makes Tyler look all mysterious and whatnot.

My favorite Asian brought me rice and Vietnamese beef (or something) for my birthday lunch. Basically, she rules.

Interesting picture of Lormay..

Jeanette looks like she's trying to be sympathetic or something. I don't know.

And then Gabby looks like she's going to kill me.

This looked much more appealing in real life. I like my steaks medium rare, thanks.

Mussels! I think.

Taken for the sole purpose of grossing Gabby out. She wouldn't even look at me when I ate them.

I'm a bit frightened, I must say.

I thought this was pretty neat. The stupid icing wasn't though..see below for details.

Dumb Gabby and Jeanette thought it would be cool to get it all over my face. Yeah. Then I had to walk all the way across the restaurant to get to a bathroom. Needless to say, I got some interesting looks.

I don't even know what face Gabby's making.

Dang, look at those sexy girls.

Sneaky sideline picture..the game must have been going badly.

My wife's one of the hottest people I know.

"What? We aren't hot?"

I think I caught Amber a little off guard.

Sitting on the sideline for over a month gets really boring.

I only like this cause my wife is in the background. (Kidding, Jasmine. Squish.)

The different colors of the mountains intrigued me.

Clouds are pretty neat if I do say so myself.

"It's funny cause I have a sweatshirt around my neck."

Superhero Gabby is hot.

In this life like weeds, you're a rock to me.

Yeah, Alicia's awesome. Admit it.

This picture burned the hell out of my eyes, but I really like it. Losing vision temporarily was worth it.

We weren't even near the ocean!

Much set up for this, but again, I like it quite a bit.

This silly man kept yelling obnoxiously at the top of his lungs and stomping like crazy on the bench. He claims that he's the official Chargers (the team we played) fan.

Birds are cool I guess.

This was my excellent birthday cake made by my excellent mother.

Rocko's so spoiled. It's okay though.

Don't even try to say he isn't cute.

Ten pounds right there. I didn't think he could pick it up, so I tried to make him bite it as a joke. Stupid dog.

"I am going to be buff, rawr."

Checkers: all the cool kids are doing it.

Mr. Mouth is actually a really fun game.

Check out the intensity on Jeanette's face.

I don't even know. Don't ask.

So Jeanette and I decided to blow up at tennis ball at twelve in the morning..

It was seriously the best thing we have ever done. Ever.

Ever heard of runner's high? We decided that we had "pyro's high" after blowing it up cause we couldn't stop laughing and we just felt great. Try it sometime.

As soon as I figure out how to post the video, I will. It's so rad.

And the end. Conclusion: I am awesome. When I feel like it that is.
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12-13-04 9:04am

seriously nancy you are the best ever!!!

love kylie.

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