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lilsteve (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 9:12pm
Current mood: Burpin Pizza/Annoyed
Music: Nickelback
so yeah i had pizza for dinner and im burpin it up like mad right now and its really pissin me off. does anybody know what liz arteckis username is cuz i cant find it. oh and another thing how do u put a picture in the part where u right i guess thats it for now c ya
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12-15-04 11:22am

hey yeah liz arteckis username is um liz. rock on steve

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12-15-04 8:06pm

Go to Manage, then User Icon, then click Browse and pick the picture you want. The picture has to be fairly small, so if it doesn't work the first time, try resizing it in photoshop or paint.

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