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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 7:53pm
they said they don't know yet what's going on with me
one thinks it might be alot of small things, one thinks it's something big, one thinks I at least have migrains and one thinks I'm at least having panic attacks, but they made another appointment to look at me
but I'm brace free
depressed, anxious
not doing a ok
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12-14-04 11:05pm

No braces! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry. At first I thought it said public attacks and I was confused..

Feel better. Or I'll mob you. Muahhaahahah

I heart you!

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12-14-04 11:11pm

We're having the sectional at my house directly after school. Just sos you know. You can come over to my house when we ride the bus home...

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12-15-04 12:41am


Braceless mark!!

Thas gonna be cool

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12-15-04 5:48pm

As I have said before..... Im here..... 1-910-495-0854. Call me if you need to talk...... Im here.

Congradulations with the brace free thing! Good to hear.

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