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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 3:22pm
Music: Lincoln Park-Faint
Subject: Quote of Yesterday:
""that looks like something that i would see on an old, preppy, Princeton.... man"

Thank you so much, Ali. I THOUGHT THE TEAL/WHITE SWEATER WAS CUTE! lol...good times at target...:-P
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12-16-04 12:47am

"I am SOOO not buying you cartoon thongs!"

"Ahh that beanie looks like a yamaka!"

Melissa's favorite department at Target... just guess....

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Re:, 12-16-04 6:13pm

Melissa by the way, it's Linkin Park, not Lincoln Park. BEcause that's a public park downtown, not a band.
I think we should lock you in Target and watch you comment on everything in sight.

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Re: Re:, 12-16-04 6:14pm

shut up! i'm SMART, DAMNIT!


yeah i think you should. it'd be damn funny, and YOU KNOW IT!!

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