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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 9:49pm
Subject: ATTENTION!!
Alright, first off, for those of you who are unaware my birthday is coming up on the 19th (Sunday in case you're wondering), and I'm currently ruminating on whether or not I should have a party.

So essentially everyone here is invited, though I have no clue as to what we can do, and on that note if anyone has any ideas for activities(Halo, movies, etc.) feel free to make suggestions.

As for an exact time, I really don't know yet, and I won't know for sure until at least friday (unfortunately it appears that Meijer would like to put me to work on my own birthday, so I have to clear that up first before I make any concrete plans).

So, if you think you'll be able to come, just post here, or e-mail me (, or call me (863-0964), or just let me know next time you see me in person.
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12-16-04 10:43am

Yay! I'll come. :-)

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12-16-04 5:45pm

I can come. And will.

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12-16-04 8:22pm

I wanna see Fooly Cooly!!

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12-17-04 6:17am

What time might this be?

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