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blackecho101 (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2004 at 12:41am
Current mood: pissed off
Music: Evanescence - Going Under
Subject: fuck..
last night was the most fun ive had in forever... i got to hang out with dana in the mall... get head from cows, fuck nutcrackers and kiss the GTA:SA posters... evan got to talk to a good friend that lives literaly hours away... but back to the cycle today, it seems every good thing i find, or every time i have a good time i have to pay for it in the long run... it fucking sucks... but its life and im going to have to deal with it. ive gone this long without the drugs, the alcohol, the cutting, i can make it... i doubt it... its just a quick way out, sip a little liquor, toke a little weed, cutt a little skin and for at least a few mins u forget everything that makes you sad. If only there was a better way.
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12-17-04 4:32pm

Yes, indeed, that was fun. Let's not forget throwing M&Ms at old ladies. ;)

Addictions, are... well, really hard to overcome. I understand that. But I really think you can do this. It might take a while, but I really believe in you...

Best of luck.

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peepee is for girls,poopoo is for boys<~~lol, 12-18-04 4:02pm

yea..addicitons are hard to still addicted to shapr things n blood..~bethneee

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