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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2004 at 8:43pm

christmas vacation is onnnnn.

and my grandma is only speaking to me in short clipped sentences.

going to benecias sister's party tomorrow. where supposedly i will be able to have a rum and coke? which is random, and i highly doubt will happen.

sunday is lemony snicket with mary and jenna.
then dinner at applebees because we soooo lame.

i am content right now, and i am so happy. really truly. these symbols cannot convey the feeling i have right now.

:D i feel like being around someone and being my happy self.

oh god i have to write this so i can remember.
in math annie, favi, tyler, and i had this back massaging line going. and then i was streched out on the ground and tyler sat on my butt and started rubbing my back, and i tickled him with my feet and he ticked me and i kicked him in the back!!!!! i felt soo bad! ack, but it was funny.

i had so much candy today! i feel soo nasty.

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12-17-04 10:40pm

i think i may have consumed over 5 candy canes.

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