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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 3:31pm
Current mood: content
Subject: Final plans for the party
Alright, so after a bit of thought, and some careful negotiations with my parents, I have arrived at the final plans for the party.

It will begin tomorrow at my house sometime around 2 PM. And for those of you who aren't sure as to where I live, either ask me, or ask someone else who knows.

For dinner we will have (unless anyone has any better ideas) pizza. Though we will of course have a decent stock of various beverages, and a veritable myriad of cookies ready for consumption, along with whatever cheesecake is left over from tonight.

I'm not really sure as to exactly what we will do during the party, though if anyone wants to bring some Xbox's and set up Halo, or something of the like that would be good. Also, movies would be very welcome. (in fact I'd actually sooner watch movies than play Halo at this point, but I'm just trying to keep some options open)

Oh, and as for gifts, if you really feel you must bring me one, go ahead, but I am neither expecting nor requiring or even in any way asking for anyone to bring me anything.

I figure the party will go on for as long as everyone can stay/as long as my parents will allow everyone to stay (so everyone will likely have to leave by midnight or so)

I hope to see everyone tomorrow. And as before, feel free to call me with any questions you may have.
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12-18-04 5:52pm

I should see about going maybe after the concert.
Depends on what time it gets out and such....... mmyes.

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12-18-04 6:49pm

I shall be there. As soon as I buy you a gift. You're getting one, dammit. I'll try to remember to bring a movie or 2. And maybe my brother's x-box if he'll let me. Um, yeah. So see you tomorrow.

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12-18-04 8:00pm

Yay! Party!

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12-18-04 10:20pm

I'll just wish you a happy birthday now because I won't be there tomorrow so...

Have fun and happy birthday.

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12-18-04 10:56pm

Hey! I won't be able to be there tomorrow, but I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday. I'd call you, but I don't have your number. I hope the party's fun!! Happy Birthday, Brett!!!!!!!!!!!

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