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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 4:42pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: OAR
hey all! whats up?! wow lets see this has been easily one of the longest weeks of my life!!!!! soo lets recap:
wow this was a different experience! lol since i was sick the week before Classic i didn't even think i was going to make it back in anything! i got back into the water the Monday before Classic and surprisingly enough i made it back in every event except the 100 free! WOO! haha i only went on best time which is upsetting but oh well! hopefully i will go some best times soon! everyone else that signed early w/ Penn State swam fast, except ME! Sometimes i think what the fuck was i thinking about signing early with Penn State. I mean i am SOOO excited to go and everything but I feel like I am going to be the slowest person on the team and that i wont be able to swim a lot and that would upset me! so that is what has been bothering me the most lately! SO hopefully i will get out of this phase and not be sick anymore and get back to my normal swimming!!
wow total craziness!!!!!!! Tuesday and Thursday night i had a dual meet for the Mount! soo yea i was swimming a lot and practicing hard! Practice these past few days have been pretty hard but they were do-able!! like yesterday we did 3(4x200's) and i did them fly, back breast, free! so yea 800 IM's... how everyone wants to spend their Friday nights! haha and today Tara Kirk came to Cougars she was so awesome! Tara was easily the nicest Olympian I have ever met she was so cool! lol! but yea this week has sucked! I have had to much work to do for school and everything! I am supposed to be writing my Lit paper right now but honestly i really don't want to at all! i hate lit, it is easily my least favorite class right now AND its the only class i have to take an exam in (as of now @ least!) lol! o yea and last night we went out to eat for Alex's 18th Birthday! It was a lot of fun! I have been so busy going on recruiting trips, being sick and swimming that I hardly have any time to hang out anymore but it was a lot of fun last night! I am going to miss everyone when we go to College!
Counties are coming up soon! it should be a lot of fun and that we will win and i will re-break my records!!! lol! I need to go Christmas shopping too! lol I haven't done that yet! haha! I can't believe Christmas is next Saturday thats crazy! This year has gone by so fast and it is so hard to believe that next year at this time i am going to be a Freshman in college!!! OMG and LAUREN ENGLISH's story is on the USA swim website! YOU NEED TO READ IT! i was crying when i read it! I am going to miss her so much next year!! She is like the only person I have right now who understands the swimming i want to do! She's the nicest, sweetest and BEST training partner ever! OMG she got THREE fast skin 2's for Jr Pan Pacs! That LUCKY girl! haha AND they are read, white and blue AND she said she is going to give me one of her t-shirts! This makes me really happy! lol So yea that's my journal entry for today! lol! leave me some comments please cause i dont feel loved by anyone anymore! lol! love u all soo much! ttyl

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12-21-04 11:15am

Aww Kaitlin I am sorry that you are not having a good week. My week sucked too, but remember Mr. Anonymous loves you! Haha Woooo! LOL I will talk to you later...

Mr. A

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