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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 10:05am
Music: Chain Smoking - Dykehouse
Series of Unfortunate Event was good, but I still feel like it was rushed, not enough dialouge.. But that could just be me.

The Life Aquatic is going to be so funny.. I mean, Bill Murray; do I have to say more?

I woke up from dreaming to hear the sound of Brownie gagging. She ended up vommiting a little in the hall, but I got her outside quickly. I was probably from that bone we gave her last night.. I think she ate it. Oo;

Last Thursday we had a gift exchange in gifted. Austen ended up getting my gift, which was a small, clear box with fifteen dollars worth of quarters taped to the sides and bottom, then stuffed with bubble wrap. Then I added a few layers of tissue paper and another bubble wrap coating, then put it in a shoe box and wrapped it again. He thought it was really neat. I got DJ's, which was a really nice CD holder. And some M+Ms. x3

"Now I'm chain smoking, 'cause my heart's broken.
Yeah it's true, I still need you."

That Nintendo DS actually seems like a good gift. -lehint-

Gonna take a shower soon.
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