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amber07 (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 12:40am
Current mood: amused
Music: Brad Paisley-Mud on the tires
Subject: Very Amusing!
Okay so I haven't updated in a while but I have been really bored ever since I got back from church so I decided to go back and read some of my past entries! I went all the way back to when somebody was leavin all kinds of anonymous comments! It was so funny! We were like freaking out cause we wanted to know who it was! I'm like so different now then I was last's unbelievable! I found this quote that kinda goes along with all this...

It's funny how you go through a year day by day and nothing seems to change but when you look back...everything's different!

That is like so true! I can't believe I was so different! I think I said some pretty dumb things! I was also kinda mean! I don't think I would go back and change it though even if it was possible because at that time I was having fun and I think it's neat to see how much I've changed almost a year later!

Anyways on to recent things! Nothing really important happened last week except the game which we so could have won...even though we didn't! It's sad that we lost! Yesterday we went shopping because I had to buy a couple gifts for my friends! It was fun...but of course you already knew that since shopping is always fun! Then today we went to church and that's about it! The rest of this day will probably be boring!

I so can't wait until next week is over! That's kinda bad! It seems like I'm always living in the future! It's always I can't wait til this week is over, next we is over,this semester is over, this year is over, or I graduate and get away from this place! Sorry everybody that reads this and has to hear me complain but this isn't exactly the happiest of times!

Well I've said about everything I feel like saying so I'm going to find something else to occupy my time! Bye!

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12-19-04 2:22pm

I wish we woulda won the game! It was really good til the end, and the fact that their crowd kept running their mouths!

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Re:, 12-19-04 4:47pm

I know they were so RUDE! It made me mad! Losing wouldn't have been so bad if they had been a bit nicer!

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Re: Re:, 12-19-04 8:59pm

Yeah I know, people need to act their age.

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Re: Re: Re:, 12-28-04 11:54pm

I take that offensive the act your age thing lol im gettin better though
you know the 3,2,1, guy lol dont make fun it was rude!!!! stupid on my part though lol later on merry christmas happy new year

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