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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 6:55pm
Current mood: happy
Music: killers - killing me? [their new song]
Subject: my weekend!!
lol just fyi.. this song im listening to is jimmys fave song, he wants to download it for me haha..

well well haha.. my weekend... actually, lemme even back it up a little further to wednesday.

so wednesday im talking to jimmy about how im coming out there this weekend and yadda yadda.. so we keep talking n hes like "yea i have to go to a play with my family on saturday. we go every year around christmastime" so i was like "well that sucks" lol. and he goes "well tara was supposed to go with me this year, we had a ticket for her, but now that she's not going [cuz they broke up] do you want me to see if i can get you the extra ticket and u can join me" so of course i was like yeaaa lol. so i was all happy that day cuz he invited me to go.
: D

thursday im talking to him and he tells me that the ticket that was going to go to me was given to his neices friend, so theres no ticket so i cant go unless the friend backs out.. very saddening
: (

theeeenn friday i went out to eat with my aunt, and i was talking about how i really wanted to go to the play and meet his family cuz maybe if they liked me he'd change his mind about the age thing n stuff.. soo she was like, if its meant to happen it will no matter what, and im just in a foul mood cuz i really like him and really wanna go to this show with thim and his family. so i get home from lunch and im talkin to him about it again, and he tells me that somebody else backed out of the play and theres an extra ticket. soo of course my frown turns upside down and i told him im still up for it. 1 problem - i have to be in shirley, at uncle joes, by 8am.. whatta bitch!

saturday morning i wake up at 613am and john brings me to the isle. we go to uncle joes and jimmy is the only one up. we get inside and then me and jimmy leave for the train station and john goes back home. so we're in the car freezing our asses off tryin to find this train station. so we finally get there and get to the ticket place where u buy ur tickets to meet up with his family, jim goes to get the tickets but he forgot his wallet in the car lol. it was mad funny, he ran so fast to get it lol. poor kid. so we get the tickets, and yes he pays for me.. and we get to the train, whatta close call gettin on that train lol. a split second later we wouldnt have made it -- no lie. so we get on the train n me n him sit together n we're talkin to his neice megan and her friend amanda, they were cute, always wanted "uncle jimmy" it was so adorable lol. so we get to penn station and jim gets a bagel n then we start walkin.. a lot hah. we get to carmines to eat and we had to get split up into 2diff tables cuz our party was too big. so it was me, jimmy, jimmys dad, his mother, 2 sisters, and brother in law. WHOA lol. so his sister jen in the middle of dinner goes "danielle, can i take a picture of you and jimmy" lol i was nervous i dint know what to say.. so i let jimmy handle it, and he goes yea take a pic and leans into me and we take a pic. [ahh lol sigh aww. <33] we kept givin each other these looks, i cant xplain the looks/smiles or the feeling i get, but its something. theen after dinner we keep walking to toys r us and me n jimmy go sit down by a bunch of elmo dolls lol, we talked for a bit, tried to make a plan for the rest of the night and sunday. after toys r us, we walked to the show, we got in, and were tryin to get to our seats when suddenly i feel jimmys hands go on my hips and hes holding me by my hips so gently makin sure i know where im going n he dont lose me, omg i thought i was gonna die lol. so we get to our seats, n of course we're sittin together, n the show was AWESOME. omg billy joel songs are great, it was really a good show. after the show we were gonna go see the tree, but we were all maaadd tired.. so we didnt. so we start walkin back to penn and me n jimmy r ahead n he goes to me "you know, this would be nice, if they werent here" i kinda giggled cuz i didnt know how to respond to that rofl. soo then we get to the station n jimmy wants a shake so we go to haagen daaz n get shakes for us. we get on the train n its a longg ass ride n we get back to ronkonkamo station n say our goodbyes. his family was soo nice and i think they liked me. so i hugged all of em goodbye and me n jimmy left. we went to aunt patties and hung out for a while then i went to aunt dees so we could have a talk, n then we went back to aunt pats. when we got there rob n jim were sleepin, so i woke them both up, i started massaging jimmys back n he goes "ahh, yess.. this is the best way to wake up, good wake up call" lol i was like yea im the best haha. so we went to get mudslide mix n then we came back to the house. we played texas holdem .. 8 people,i got in 3rd suckersss lol! woot woot, it was between me uncle joe and jimmy.. uncle joe then the boys opened up their gifts, they LOVED the shirts whicfh really made me happy.. and jimmy used his shot glass lol n my family got wasted haha. jimmys the new whiskey boy!! during the game me n jimmy did that smile/flirty/these looks/innocent touchin n flirtin thing.. n then i went back to aunt dees. rob n jimmy got mad i didnt sleep over there haha arent i loved.. im missin details from the day, but this is long enough ha.

then today i woke up at like 950 and txted jimmy cuz i told him last night id wake him up today. so i txtd him n he wrote back n told me to get ready nd he'd be over to pick me up in 15min. soo i got ready, sure nuff he picked me up in like 15min n we were off. we went to the bank first, but they were closed so we went to get breakfast, i got a bagel.. yumm, he got eggs on a bagel lol. yumm too. then we ate and went back to the bank, he did what he had to do, and then we looked for movie times. we went to the paintball place so we could drop a few things off to robbie n jared. after that we went to island16 [movie theatre] n saw oceans 12. he saw it already, but i didnt so we went. but doode, that movie constantine looks soo sick i gotta see it. soo yea, we went to the movies n then he dropped me off at aunt dees. it was retarded tho cuz i was supposed to leave the isle at 3, which is when jim dropped me off, but we ended up stayin til like 430 whcih sucked, cuz i coulda been w/ jimmy instead lol. at 430 we went to aunt pats to say bye and i saw him again so my heart fluttered, i got butterflies and a HUGE smile n we kissed on the cheek n said goodbye, n imma come back there on sat or sun and stay for a week which will be AWESOMMEE!! ill get to see jimmy everyday when hes not working!

but yea, the thing that gets me is jimmy always pays for EVERYTHING. hes paid for everything everytime we're together. its really nice but i feel terrible, so i always try to whip out some cash..

its so much fun hanging out with him, but it always sucks having to say goodbye, its not fair that we live so far. but my family keeps telling me not to worry about it uz they think jimmy likes me but he's just being respectful n yadda yadda. idk if he likes me, but i sure sure sure hope he does... ill wait, as long as i know im waitin for somethin solid. my fam tells me he likes me n things will happen a relationship will blossom, but damn man. lets get in blossoming season or something, this is killinggg meee lol. but i gotta go bc im gettin bitched at. ill update more later.

<33 - i only wanna be with youu - <33

Did the sun just come out or did you just smile* at me <33

: D :-p : D :-p : D
i cant stop smiling. im so happy when im with him, its undescribable

oo .. n he wore AF BOTH days
idk if u know what im talkin about
but it means something rite laur?
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12-19-04 8:29pm

ahhhh omg awww i'm so happy for u hope he likes u but the way u sed it he def. does! i feel soo0o0o0o bad 4 u tho cuz of the age but u only hav to wait 2 more years man thats soooo long! whatever you'll figure this out love u so much and i hope this alll works out for u x0x0


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wickkk, 12-20-04 6:45pm

i'm smiling !!
work that magic,
guuurrll !! be
patient, i'm sure
it'll all work out;
i <3 you mucho.

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Re: wickkk, 12-20-04 6:46pm


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WoOt WoOt, 12-21-04 8:16pm

welll i kinda skimmed through this entry since it was mad long and since i knew everything about it already plus moree but besides was veryy interesting to read ALL over again...i think my head my shoot me haha...but yea..i KNOw He likes u...u just playingg dumbb haha...and i HAVe to comee see u guys that week we off...major priorityy...just make sure im not alone if u know waht i mean haha...omgg u didnt tell me he wore AF both telling you he knowsss hee knowss motha f 'er hahah...lovvv youuuu ttyl muahzzz
P.S. lovee the xmas present...-LaUr/LoViE

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