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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 4:13pm
To Jenn::

You will awaken at a jolt of pain all throughout your body. You realize your hands have lost all feeling, along with your legs. Frighteningly, you crack open your eyes to see a Christmas-induced Lindsay sitting on your stomach. "Its Christmas! Wake up!" She then jumps off of you with a resounding BOOM, sending your TV flying off its stand. After a few minutes of getting the feeling back in your limbs, you reach for your coat and stocking and step out of your cubicle-ized room. "Christmas cheer, everyone near!" You cry with a glass of bubbly appearing in your hand. Your mother thereon drags you to the roof to open presents. You watch with mild amusement as Lindsay makes a boulder-sized hole in the already crumpling roof, then proceed to open your presents. "Oh, my!" You exlaim as you open my present. "What a jolly Christmas this is!"

You will so love your gift <3 XD
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