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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2004 at 2:20pm
oh man. it's been a long weekend. I'm sick, but psh I won't let it bring me down too much.

I went to the best hamburger joint on the planet on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was the location with the WORST service. I'm totally going to complain. I'm sorry. It's frustrating. it shouldn't take me fifteen minutes to get my food. that's unexcusable, especially when you're NOT busy. last time when it was busy, took me fifteen minutes to get my food and another fifteen minutes to get my shake. so my food was COLD by the time I got my shake and could leave. so I brought home cold food to the familia. ugh.

today I went to PC Club, and bought my sister a 512mb TINY usb jump drive. like whoa. $30 after rebate. I also bought my father a 16x DVD +/- RW dual layer drive, $55 about rebates. then went to the book store, where we bought my brother a HUGE but beautiful Army book, then to the mall to get him Army Monopoly.

the last thing on the christmas shopping list? an electric kettle for my grandmother. where am I going to find something like that?

and Wednesday is my day to go shopping for all the foodstuffs.

I want to have a journal dedicated to me being organized and stuff. <3 and cleaning. ha.
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