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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2004 at 9:23am
Current mood: kinda blah
its been quite awhile since an actual update....

we'll just start at friday, because im pretty sure thats all the farther back my memory goes....friday was amazing! we (me ang ian adam and jake) all met at home depot at 6am to leave for camp. we got on the road around 615 and angie and i pretty much slept until i woke up having to pee. We all went into thedumoy gas station and 3 of us went in to pee (one at a time) and as we were leaving, the lady said "oh piss and go, i see how it is", jake was the only one who heard her though, we all had a great laugh about it, there was also a sign in the bathroom that said "you turn me on....turn me off", ang loved that one. we followed willie's sign erection for while, got the number for it, and then headed on our way to camp. we got there an hour early, sat around, i gave adam his birthday present, then jake ang and i went in to see if there were more people there or not, there were, so we went in for check-in, got our FREE shirt, and sat. stacie showed up after awhile, and then camp started. we started off with shot, i learned glide again, then we got lunch..yumm..then i got the option to either throw disc, or learn the inside version of hammer...ummm hammer!! so i learned that, i really wish we competed it now...then i went and i finally! learned full spin, i really needed theres no reason i shouldnt beat stacie in disc this year...i could have learned javelin, but i needed to work more on my full spin, but angie learned it, so she cant teach me :) spent some time in the weight room, and the day was much fun

the ride home was fine, called my mom to see how her mole thingy went, and she told me some unpleasent news about tara...poor thing. went out to dinner at steak n' shake...i wasnt the best company though, i still felt really bad about tara becuase i still didnt know if she was actually i the hospital or not, but they all got steak n' shake hats...i gave mine to adam...he has two now, and then we all left and finally got home :) called megan, ian and i had 20 minutes to make it to a movie, we might have been able to do it, if ian was psycho...the kid couldnt sit down! he sang about everything, sang while he shaved about shaving, sang about finding his pants and shirt, then he turned on i will survive and danced, then his mom came home and wondered what in the world was going on...then he found more paper hats and got excited, we got the rendevous and then went to the movie...20 minutes late, sat by ourselves, because there was no way we were finding megan brian kayln and daniel. after the movie, we went to ians, and i fell asleep, so i really dont know what happened there...

saturday...worked in the morning, came home took a nap, called daniel, he told me i sounded like crap, they were going to the basketball game...being spirited about our school was the last thing i wanted to do, so i opted out, then sara stevie and i went up to ians hockey game..see they play for eastwood, so i still wasnt being spirited about our school lol, got home from that, after making pit stops and two fast food places...

sunday...worked my first 8 hour shift ever! came home and slept :)

monday...did jack crap in the morning, sara and i went shopping, came home, engraved some shit for her, finished my presents for the girls, went into megans and exchanged gifts with her, met up with daniel, went to DQ, got hess and rishel, and then we went out to adams for his birthday, tried to stay quiet while everyone finished their movie (it was really difficult! i swear, we had alcohol or something) then daniel megan sara and i played some euchre, and then it was time to leave...happy birthday to adam

now we're at today...going shopping with daniel, because thats what we do...and then i have to work...booo

thats all :)
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12-22-04 12:50am

You're such a wonderful story-teller!!! : ) : ) : )

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Re:, 12-22-04 8:42pm

Oh my gosh, I know. Like WOW~~ lol lol lol :) !!!!

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