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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2004 at 9:31pm
Music: Good Charlotte- I just wanna live
Hey! 2day was just so great...lemme tell ya. Well, Bobbi gave me my present from her today, that was good tho. :) When we got to Vocational, our teacher was being a buttface and was like moving people to different spots if they said 1 word. In 2nd period, we had a big vocab test...If I had any common sense I woulda prolly been able to get a few of them right...but wait...I dont have that. Oh's just a I feel loved tho cuz Shama invited me to the lil Christmas thing her 1st period class was having at lunch...I walked in and I had a lil name tag on the table..and it was a candlelight was great...haha. In 3rd...we dissected minks again...they stink soooo bad...blah! Makes me wanna puke. Alan and Tabi do all the work...and me and Bobbi kinda just talk and look at what they're doing every now and then. Neways...I'm so glad 2morrow's the last day of school before Christmas. I'm so sick of school. In 1st 2morrow I have a test...blah. Hopefully we will get our yearbooks 2morrow. I can't wait...I love looking at them...i'ma dork. I guess I'm going to church 2morrow. We are supposed to go caroling and stuff but I don't know if we are going to do that or not. Well...i'ma go...bye bye!!

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12-22-04 9:04pm

I <3 U Jenn ;)

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