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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 7:58am
Current mood: calm
Music: Fountain Imperfection - Anadivine
Subject: try to take the best of me...
things haven't been too bad lately.
finals are kind of fun..we get out super early.
today we get out at 11.
and i dont have to go in until 9:30.
mum and dad left for's coming to pick me up around 9.
it feels nice to be home alone.
this is probably the last time i'll be home alone until NEXT YEAR.
mum and dad are taking tomorrow off, and obviously the 24th and 25th.
i leave the 26th until the 29th.
when i get home i have just a little while to get laundered, showered, packed and then leave again on the 30th.
we get back the 2nd..
yeah, for once im going somewhere over break.
i cant wait.
4 days until i leave!!!!
today should be fun too.
i have my science final...everybody that's taken it has said it's no as hard as mr. glenn told us it would be.
im not too worried.
finals have been going pretty well so far....
English: A- (final grade A-)
Spanish: B- (Final grade B...i think)
ELP: A+ (Final grade A+)
Chorus: Actually A, i'd guess
Algebra: uhh..D ::sheepish look:: (Final grade B-)
World Cultures: A- (Fina grade B)
Publications: B+ (Final grade B)
Science: idk.. ::sigh::

i'll post the last three later today.
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