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lilschaub (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 12:20am
uhhh I dont even know what to think right now. I am so frustrated with how last night went. He just seemed so distant and like he wanted to talk about something but didnt have the balls to say something. I really dont like how things were left last night at all. And then for him to tell jess to tell me sorry last night online uh thats just stupid fucking call me up and tell me yourself. uh god guys are so stupid sometimes. Sometimes I just dont know about this...
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12-22-04 1:24pm

I love you Kate, and boys are incrediably dumb almost ALL the time, but it's worth it, because I know he really DOES care about you and he really DOES love you. Sometime's things just get rough, but that's when the matter most. Lov ya babe~ Jess

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