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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 11:00am
Current mood: blah
Music: . Jingle Bells .
Subject: They call me Liel Bear. :)
Well I just got back from Wilson Tech. We did absolutely.. !NOTHING!tehehe. we had food n we watched the elf ;) hmm n then jackie straightened my hair an then i did hers. then i had to see the councelor.. whome by the way has grown very attached to me lol... freakkky...she kinda weirds me out.--shes all huggy an caring about me n crap.. which is nice i guess.. but dude.. dun hug me lol.. neway.. she says i seem better.. that when she talks to me my chin doesnt have that thing that i do when im holding back my tears. an in the way i talk to her i seem better so word to ya motha!!! hmm tomorrows christmas eve.. the day my family celebrates it. we're having it at my house this yr. : / .. hopefully emanuel comes cuz .. well hes the only person im looking forward to actually seeing. an i havent seen him in a while. so yeah. but hopefully all goes well. :) on the other hand.. life is actually going eright lately. ive grown stronger. n people have sed theyve seen a difference in me which is good. :)--im actually for once proud of myself . i havent cut in lets see... 8days!!! wow.. thats like a record for me!! i dunno maybe last thursday was a wake up call. so yeah. im a diff kim now. i actually havent even cried lately. i do miss will but i dunno.. it seems different. it is different. i havent even got to the point where i can express how i feel about it nemore bc im not sure. i dunno how to treat him. wut to say to him . how to react to him. i still love him. i deff care about him. hes still on my mind n in my heart. but things are sooo different!!! erg! it aggervates me!! i hate chnage!!!!.. i dunno i think im just guna stop mentioning him . unless sumthing happens. --well its 7th period now n i was suppose to see mrs. petterson but shes not in her fricken office!!! ahhh where is she??? she's missing!!! :( --- lol but yeah i have 9th off yeahhh :) im still debating on wether to go home or just wait til the end bell rings. well everyone.. have a merry christmas an a happy new year!!!! always <3 --- Kimberly :)
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Hey Kims!, 01-01-05 11:58pm

Hey it's Leah. I just wanted to say hi for now because my sister is about to kick me off. Hope your Christmas and new years went well. Tell your hot ass cousin that I say hi and tell him i say "69." lololol. ttyl!

Love always,

P.S. hey kim...69!

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