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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2004 at 12:37am
Current mood: apathetic
Music: ryan cabrera <333
Subject: you're all i wanted...

yesterday was lame...

after school went home and got ready then me and camila hung out around target and the surrounding area till 4 when we went to get our nails done. i hate mine, they hurt and they bother me. i can barey fucking type. anyways before we hung out with evan s. and helped him look for a phone cover. then after got dropped off at the bus stop in sandalfoot and almost got ass raped like 652 times. it was scary. then sum black lady was randomly talking to us on the bus...weird. got there met up with allison and kristin and sum weird boys. they all left and we found sam and i saw ajay and kelsea <33. wow i havent seen ajay in like 518754 years. then we visited jess at his popcorn place and we left, but camila stayed there.. then me and sam bought new gauged earrings nd then met up with jay. and then this weird hatian thing was like talking to me and like wanted to get in my pants and sam and jay almost left me! and i was like "sammm" and he goes "no its ok let them go, then it can be just me and u" omg i flipped out. so we ran away. damn haitians like seriously. lol. then had to leave after having an episode. came home and yah. went to sleep.

omgg i had a really bad dream last nite, well more like a nightmare...i dreamed that i hated ryan cabrera!! omg. it was horrible.

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12-25-04 1:56pm

then we visited jess at his popcorn place and we left, but camila stayed cuz she likes i do not..n if i did i woudnt want u puttin that in ur journal...that wold be like me posting the thing we were talking bout on the bus..but w/e

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Re:, 12-25-04 8:34pm

no its def. not and im jus kidding around. besides, no one but sam knows him really.

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Re: Re:, 12-25-04 8:36pm

besides, i fixed it.

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