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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2004 at 2:45pm
Music: Pixies
my blood tests came back good
so I guess it's just my nadalol that's making my blood pressure spike so spuratically
I guess this means I have to get into better shape, I can already take cyler down using only my legs, what more do they want?
so I'll take up running, starting in 15 minutes, do some more crunches, push ups? eat more raw citrus, got myself a crock pot so I can make some stews, get healthy, this is my new years thing
got some great cds
saw the life aquatic last night with eric, it was pretty good
maybe I'll start to generally do better now, maybe if I get out more, take up running and cook myself better, regular meals my blood pressure will balance out and I'll do better generally
anyone want to join me in this little thing?
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12-28-04 6:16pm

im going to take up yoga when the new year comes around.

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