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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2004 at 5:14pm
i cant believe it is already wendesday.

gag, i cant remember half of this vacation. honestly. which honestly doesnt matter because i havent done anything really.

and even though i have taken my allergy medication i have been completely miserable.

i am the unluckiest allergy girl, i am just glad i dont have the out of the ordinary allergies, like food allergies.

i used to know of someone allergic to wheat. wouldnt that suck? to be allergic to wheat.

i am in a weird funk, i cant even read books i have been excited to read for ages. all i do is sit and watch tv. blah.

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01-06-05 4:54pm

Pink lover *looks around curiously* hmm...I have a cold if that makes you feel better. Same intense sneezing and foggy computer screens.

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Re:, 01-06-05 6:38pm

lol, i have never ever managed to fog a computer screen. you win.

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