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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2004 at 11:01pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: More Bounce IN California- Soul Kids
hey all!!! whats up?! lol oh man the crazziness of doubles is finally over! wooo! lol it was crazy haha i am so sore and we have a brutal practice coming our way tomorrow morning i know it! lol so this week i have done nothing except watch movies, sleep, swim and EAT! lol it was a nice and relaxing week i guess lol!! so yea omg everyone HAS to see meet the fockers it is easily the funniest movie i have ever seen! omg FOCKER OUT hahahahahha ahh i crack myself up! so yea i also saw oceans 12, collateral and man on fire. i just watched man on fire it was really good.... denzel washington did a really good job in the movie i enjoyed it! sooo yea OMG christmas! OMG I GOT MY UGGS AND AN IPOD! wooooooo! i was so excited! lol i also got a polo, vera duffle bag.. hmm and some other stuff i can really remember though! lol soo yea it was a good day! it took me forever to figure out how to put my music onto itues but finally i figured it out and its awesomeee! lol i love it! haha... o yea on wednesday we only had one practice b/c judy had a cold so we were off so i went shopping! omg and i saw my prom dress! holy crap its amazing its gorgeous!! its like a silver blue and it has rhinestones and its all silk and it has a really low back omg omg omg! haha its only like $400! woops! lol but i really want it! but now i need to find a frickin date lol this isnt going to be a easy task cause im thinking.... thats right i have NO ONE to take! WOOO! haha so if i end up calling u the day before prom u better have a tux! haha! wow omg i tottaly just realized tomorrow is new years eve! holy shit 2005! graduation and PENN STATE! omg thats crazy! ahhh! i cant believe i am going to college i have to get so much stuff. especially clothes considering the fact that i have worn a uniform for the past 7 years! ahh! omg haha! so yea this was a pretty random update once again! umm happy new year everyone! i hope u all have a good year!! lol leave some comments!! lol love u all soooo much! ttyl


we've got more bounce in california we like to party all the time....
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hey kaity its lexi (as usual!), 12-31-04 1:20pm

just wanted to say your a SPAZZ and i love you for it...i love the ramballing and ADD update and your wholly fuck 400 dollar prom dress...your psycho!!!! completely psycho!!! but love ya and it soudned beautiful wehn you told me bout it and im sure you'll look absolutely beautiful (cuase ya always do) :) anyways just wanted to say that b/c yea im just so cool like that...anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR! love you! <3 lexi

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