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chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2004 at 2:04pm
So it seems that this time around I'll be doing something "fun" for New Years.
We (my immediate family and I) will be going to Plainfield, New Jersey to spend the final hours of 2004 with my distant uncle and a large portion of the family here in NJ. At least there will be lots of food but boo to the loud salsa & merrengue music they will be blasting into my ears.

I am going to feel so completely out of place and I'm going to get pointed and jeered at again. -_-

Oh well I guess it can't be so bad... That is, until I'm literally forced to dance. The minute I get there I am going to look for a hole to hide in and will only be coaxed to come out when its feeding time (I am making myself sound like some sort of animal kept at the local petting zoo... Joy) then its back to my happy place. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

Have a good new year everyone.
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