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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 12:42am
Current mood: in the dumps
Things are getting and nate have one month to get our shit together. either we take over the lease..or we find a new place to live. its just me and nate now..we have to be in it together and for good. WE NEED ANOTHER ROOMATE. the rent would be 3 ways. we need someone who can hold their own and wont bail on us. if you want to get away from mommy and daddy, this is your opportunity. it probably wont come this easy again. this is a chance to be on your own and see what the real world is like. think about it.
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Nice, 01-01-05 10:12pm

nice advertising there brad. this is your chance to see the real world meet women and earn money all on your good ploy thought i give credit. o and good luck with getting your shit together.

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