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heather (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 2:32pm
Well this week has been crazy. It started on Tuesday but all those details are old now. on Thursday lori and I went to the clubs downtown. We stayed in pure because Ronnie is the owner and we hung out with him most of the time. We had soo much fun. Everyone had to leave around 5am because Ronnie was shutting it down for the night and a fight started right out front. Lori and I didn’t know anything was going on until we got to my car and realized no one was behind us, so we walked all the way back and Richard was fighting some kid over some stupid shit, and another kid popped out some mase and sprayed everyone. Jess got sprayed in her eyes and was crying. Adriana was soo drunk and when she drinks she gets all emotional. The whole time shes trying to walk, shes crying and stumbling and saying, “that fight was all about me because I was talking to this kid and pauls brother saw.” Yet the fight was over some stupid shit with the kid and Richard. Because jess couldn’t see, I had to drive to Wellington to drop off aliza, Adriana, jess and Stephan. Lori and I got home around 6-6:30. and slept until 11. we drove to the beach and realized it was too damn cold out so we went and got our nails done. Then last night was fun as hell. I originally didn’t have plans. I really wanted to hang out with jose but by the time I got off work, he was in Wellington already. So mark came and picked me up and we went to this block party in one of the le chalet neighborhoods. We stayed there with Justine, Erica and Felicia for a while but mark got a call from his uncle about a party they were having in Wellington, so we went there. the guys house is like a mansion and they got a bounce house, a dj a caterer and it was soo much fun. I met all of marks family pretty much and we had a few drinks, and went and ……. Lets just say about 8 of us packed in to a car for some fun. Mark and I left around 1 and I was done. All I wanted was to go home. My mom was trashed and didn’t notice anything was up with me. Crazy. And tonight… lori and I are going back downtown. This time, im not driving, so it will be more fun.

I texted him and told him happy new years and he didn’t reply. I really don’t understand. I wish someone could explain this to me.

anyways, going to work. come in and see me.
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01-02-05 8:47am

all he cares about is having a girl around at all times. you'll hear from him when he's not dating anyone and misses the ego boost of someone caring about him. until then he doesn't give a shit

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Re:, 01-02-05 11:01pm

well... do you know this from experince with him? i just wish he knew what he meant to me, still means to me. but, everything happens for a reason right? i know i did nothing wrong but love him.

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