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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 7:16pm
Current mood: full
Music: blind sight by RC<3
Subject: its crazy how, some things never work out...

today was lame with a capital L. woke up around 1 and was lazy. went on the computer talked to camila on the phone. then changed clothes and went outside with allie. we met up wit scott and we walked thru the forest and stuff taking pictures. it was fun/lame. went to wendys and drank water. we established the fact that i practically "HATE" everyone. lol. ran into niki and nicole so scott went home and so did allie. me niki and nicole went to nikis house and listened to music, read an article in a magazine about the different parts of the vagina and then walked camilas dog. haha. yeah now iim home and boredd. grr. it so doesnt feel like saturday.

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