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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 10:29pm
Current mood: frustrated
Music: singing "Drug Like" to myself
Subject: "And I think, that I'm starting to scare myself.."
Oh fuck, I'm so pissed right now. And like most times I'm really pissed off, it's just about stupid fucking shit that just keeps building up. Things a lot of people wouldn't care much about. Like for instance, it's almost at the end of winter break, and I haven't slept in my bed for the most part of the vacation. Because I'm at my grandparents' house while my Mum and Scott are up in Michigan. Which means many things I'm not bery fond of. Which shall be listed below.
1\\I don't get to sleep in my own bed.
2\\I have barely any privacy
3\\I have a bedtime during vacation
4\\I have no freedom
5\\Grandma's computer sucks ass
6\\I don't have any clean clothes or shampoo's here. Which means I've been having days without changing clothes or bathing or brushing my teeth.
7\\I have to tell them whatever I do and I have to eat when they want to, or then it's somehow my fault that they didn't get to eat at the 'right time'.

Just... Fuck. They make me feel so guilty when I don't like something, but I'm not going to have them run the show. They have to understand I'm not going to do whatever they say and that I am going to talk back like I'm their equal if they piss me off. Because that's how I am and there's nothing they can do about it.

Let's do a little Xmas recap, shall we?

Xmas morning was fine, got some cool stuff, then lunch time rolled around and I had to go to my father's parent's house for food with that side of the family. I really don't like any of them at all. I mean, but three cousins never really did anything to have me hate them, it's just that we never talk and so it's awkward. Anyway, I just sat there being extremely bored for a few hours. I guess they're trying to buy off my love because all they gave me was an assload of money. They don't really love me. I supposed my dad does, but he does things sometimes that make me think he's a complete dick.

I spent new years with Aaron, watching Rushmore twice. And then I went back over to his house this evening and watched Garden State. A few days ago I was at his house to watch Napoleon Dynamite. All great movies.

I tried Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Latte a few days back. It was my first real coffee drink. And I liked it. I bought a bottle of the peppermint syrup there, so I can make it after the holiday deal is over with. There's this cute guy with neat sideburns there, he's pretty nice.

Only conversations I've had with Shane while he's been down here:
Me Shane
Hello there
Hi, I like your scarf
I like it too


Speaking of which, I went downtown about a week ago and actually went shopping with my Xmas money. I ended up buying two adorable scarves, one vintage-y skirt and a tight blouse. That brown and pink CAKE shirt that I haven't bought would go great with the skirt.

Confound it, I miss DJ and Lauren and and the other fun people I hang out with.. Like Hope.

I want a hug. :(
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