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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 5:12pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Not Myself- John Mayer <33
hey all!!! whats up?! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! haha new years eve was a lot of fun i went to my Aunts house!! it was a lot of fun!! haah my cuzs are crazzy! o yea then i slept over betsy's oo the crazziness! slores and huts! hollaaa! hahahaha omg and i got the BEST phone call ever..... grant moryan! wooo! haha u gotta love that kid. john mayer concert. thats all i have to say! hahahaha! omg and tim called me too! i felt so popular new years eve!! wooo so then new years day i did nothing, i watched A LOT of movies! OMG EVERYONE HAS TO SEE MAN ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the most amazing movie ever omg! ahh i love it so much!!!!!!!! ooo yea te Sunday morning we had swim practice and a good luck party for LAUREN cause shes in HAWAII!!! swimmin of course for our amaz country, USA! argh and shes with patrick im mo jealous not gunna lie. haha o and she had to fly with bobby to chicago.. sorry lauren! lol! but yea i know shes going to swim SOOOO FAST!!! lol soo yea then i went to the Mount pasta party haha too funny! lol then Danielle and I went to Starbucks then we saw Closer with all of the cool people! it was really weird! not gunna lie! lol then i cae home slept and i had morning practice this morning! woooo haha then i came home and slept until one!!!!! wooooo! lol then i ate food and watched REMEMBER THE TITANS!! and then i saw that the MOUNT is in the top 20 this week!!! sooooo awesome! haha then my power wet out and it just came back on. not to fun! so today is m last day of break which sucks! i really dont want to go back to school!!!!!!! but thankfully i have no school on friday because of COUNTIES!!!! yessss! lol okay but thats about all for now! lol love u all sooooo much!! ttyl

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