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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2005 at 7:38am
Current mood: full
Music: Helena. {MCR}
Subject: ..they found me on the bathroom floor
Another knife in my hands
A stain that never comes off the sheets

... yeah so i've been feeling really lonely again . really kind of sux. and to make things a bit worse i act like nothings wrong. its kind of something i learned to do as time goes on. i havent cut but i really need to sometimes. n really want to. i thought that by ignoring the things around me and acting like nothings wrong.. things would get better but it just gets worse. theres no1 really to talk to about it either. kind of sux. so yeah i hold it in an just lay there listening to music. now im in school.. tired as hell and just have a lot on my mind. i have the feeling im guna snap on sumone but who knows ?!.!? i just feel so fricken empty inside an sumtimes even when nothings goin on .. i still feel .... depressed. im still on medication.. i duno if its working.. i feel the same cept a bit calmer. an obviously if dr.korrol asks my mom if she thinks im doing better then shes going to say yes bc she sees the "me" i put in front of her. an act. whatever though. im just really confused. i dunno wut deciscions to make n shizzle. i think im just gunna go into my "whatever mood" :) always goes well.
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I love you Kim!!!, 01-05-05 12:26pm

I feel really lonely, too. I hope you don't cut. You know you can always talk to me anytime you want! I know what you mean about putting on a different face in front of your mom. I do that a lot with my mom. I hope the medication works for you! ttyl!

Love always,


69!!! I'm gonna say that everytime I post a comment lol. :-D

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