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lisalion816 (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 1:19am
Music: brand new
Subject: i've got it bad

Martin is soooo hot. I like him alot. this sucks.

Went with richard up to ohlsson's and hung out. It was fun. We went to Joakim's for a min and Martin was there. We all started walking back twords my place and we all ended up talking for about and hour or so. it was great fun. Joakim was asking a bunch of questions and stuff. Martin came back to the house with richard and me. it was fun. we looked through my senior yearbook, great fun. i heart Martin. Richard went to bed after thatm but Martin stayed and talked to me for a while and he wants me to make him a scarf. thats great. he left a couple of minutes ago. man. *drools* i got the pictures back of him and richard in tuxes. wow. i really hope this works out. he is sooo great.
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