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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 12:42am
Current mood: tired
Subject: Lil Kim
First let me say thanks to leah for leaving all those loving comments on my journal :) lol u sexy bitch! neway.. so yesterday i hung out with speedy :) .. went to his house. met his mommy. ahh i lve this kid so much. we get along good.. its like we knew eachother longer. :)lovenn itt.. woo hoo. neway so yeah at first we hungout alone but then we met up with his cousin miguel. i wanted to hangout longer but i was freezing n plus i had to walk home but i have gym with him 2day an hopefully im chillen wit him again after school.. if not then sumtime soon ;) sick!! neway i dun really got much to say cept my tummys rumbliing an this is for leah <3 69 <3 muhahah.
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WOOHOO!!!! 69!!!!, 01-06-05 12:02pm

YEAH KIM!!! 69!!! lol. I'm so glad that you and this guy are getting along so well. At least there is one nice guy at NHS lol. He sounds like such a nice guy ;-). Have fun with him after school ;-) ;-) hehe. ttyl!

Love always,


69!!!! 69!!! 69!!!!

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haha., 01-06-05 12:57pm

leah. ur fricken wack!! yeah me n my lover speedy lol r gr--greee---at!!hopefully things go swell.. but dun worry leah.. noone can do me like u muahhaha :) love ya !69!

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