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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 4:14pm
Current mood: crushed and creative
Music: dear jamie...sincerly me - HELLOGOODBYE :D
wind gushed through the hefty old wooden doors as i stumbled in to the resturaunt.
as i wiped my wet hair out of my face i let out a sigh as i saw how busy it was.
i should of known better to come on lunch hour but perhaps it was the brutal storm or the growling in my stomach that had led me to the mad hatter cafe.

there was a 20 minute wait which led me to sit in the old beanbags that they had scattered next to this bookshelf full of books on how to make a bicycle out of cereal boxes to the history of the three stooges.
now i remembered why i came into this cafe; because i loved it. it was so laid back and everything was unique. to the odd abstract paintings on the wall or the funky colorful zigzag lights that adorned the ceiling.
finally my name was called and i was led to my table.

the worst table in the house to be exact. it was right by the kitchen and pretty much all you could hear was the simmering of food being cooked, the clang of dishes, and the cooks talking about last nights baseball game. it wasnt the best table in the place but i knew the food would compensate for it. the table itself was beaufiful; a mosaic of glass and glamorous movie stars from the 30s. i tried listenin to the funky blues music that they were playin and i caught a couple verses between the noise behind me then it was interrupted by my waiter.

boy, was i interrupted by my waiter. he was tall and had dark short messy hair and blue eyes that could break down walls. when he handed me the menu i dropped it and knocked down the salt and pepper ceramic shakers that were shaped like palm trees. he told me that i might want to throw some of the salt over my shoulder just incase. i smiled and looked down at my rained on self and told him that i must of spilled some salt this morning and must not of known it. he laughed and disappeared in to the kitchen for my drink. it may have been storming like there was no tomorrow outside but i was feeling like it had just become a bit more sunnier.

he brought out my tea and started to take my order. the thing is though that we just didnt talk about what i was ordering. in the minutes between him saying what will you be having today to him leavin to take other customer's orders; i had found out that he was working here part time when he wasnt in class learning how to be an architect, he lives in a few streets away from me, he is originally from oregon, and that he drives a 88 bronco with foglights on it. i told him how i was also in college learning about health and medicine instead of measures and angles and that i am a native in this rather quaint city. i was in the middle of telling him that i drove an ol 74 vw thing when i was interrupted by lady is a tramp by frank sinatra. i told him how i loved sinatra music and how my funny valentine was my absolute favorite. i blushed and he smiled then left the table to his other tables he had to tend to. i didnt want him to take my order; i wanted him to take my heart.

my lunch was brought out and we talked a bit more. i wished he wasnt working and was the one at the cafe who was sitting on the other side of the table having lunch with me. he left and left me wanting this lunch to never end. i ate my delicious lunch and thought about nothing but him. it was odd how i only knew him for a short time and already loved everything about him and felt like i knew him for eons. as i was eating, i noticed him smile at me as he walked to and from the kitchen. he came over and took my plates, handed me my bill while slightly frowning as he did so. at the mad hatter cafe, as a tradition a hersheys kiss is given always with the bills. i put it in the wet pocket of my pea green jacket as we talked after i payed the bill. he told me it was nice meeting you and to have a safe drive home. i left a tip and gathered up my still soaked purse. as i was walking to the front of the cafe i turned around and he cracked a smile. his intense blue eyes lighting a path to the door.

i pushed open the heavy woden doors to a still stormy world. i barely noticed rain coming down in buckets or the thunder and lightening. then i stepped out from under the awning. rain seeped through my still damp clothing from before and i started to run to my car. since it was so busy when i first arrived, i had to park all the way in the back so i had quite a long way to run. finally i arrived at my car and hopped in. rain soaked the seats as i fished around in my purse for my keys. i put the key in the ignition and thunder crashed when i realized that the car wouldnt start.
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01-05-05 10:06pm

s0o.. uhm..
did y0oh go back into tha restaraunt..?
AHHH y0oh CANT do that! lol
what happened?!

<3 - kayla

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01-06-05 9:58pm

freaking amazing!!!!!! you are so brilliant at writing it astounds me.

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