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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2005 at 5:15pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: California- Phanom Planet
hey all!!! whats up?! lol!! soo yea this week went by fast! lol well not really but oh well! COUNTIES ARE TOMORROW! holla!! haha i am so excitedd! were gunna win!! lol GO MOUNT! i am swimming the 200 im and hte 500 free i really want to break my records so hopefully i will!! lol soo yea i had a delayed opening today, thats about the only exciting thing to happen this week! haha soooo yea! umm i have to go finish packing for tomorrow and everything!! lol but yea! WISH ME LUCK!!! lol!! love u all sooo much! ttyl

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