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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2005 at 7:31am
Current mood: silly
Subject: :)
So yesterday I got into a fight with Will.. nothing new but we arent talking nemore. thanks to me :) muhahha. hes gay. neway. I also hung out with speedy again yesterday :) along with miguel an sum white dude... he weirded me out but yeah. so we drove around... smoked an then by like 9ish me n speedy got dropped off @ his house. an miguel n the white kid bounced. an i stayed at speedys til 1130 :) enough sed.
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Kim!!, 01-07-05 10:00pm

OMG what did you do at Speedy's house?! oooooooooo kim got lucky!! lol. of course, he cannot 69 better than I can lolol. ;-). I'm glad you're not talking to Will anymore. He's a giant asshole! I g2g. ttyl!

Love always,


69!! 69!! 69!!

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