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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 12:10am
Music: shes so high -> kurt nilsen
Subject: no words can describe the night i had last night..
the noise coming out of my house was so unbelievably loud, we think we woke up all of bay ridge.. from 8pm til 12 am, the noise did not die down.. terri was about to call the cops on us cuz we wouldnt shut the hell up lol.. ((she was kidding.. her husband nd son were making the noise too)) but im not even kidding.. it was soo fuckinn exciting.. when i tell you what was going on, at first you may say omg whats her problem thats stupid.. but when you hear the details.. woww..

last night at 8:00 pm, the jets played the chargers in san diego for the first game of the playoffs.. jets fans were worried sick because quarterback chad pennington threw HORRIBLY the game before.. we had an amazing chance for a touchdown the first time we got possession, but blew it.. a field goal was about to be kicked.. every single jets fan felt sick after doug brien missed that field goal... later on in the game, however, anthony becht runs the ball into the endzone for a touchdown, giving the jets a 6 point lead.. the jets are going for an extra point but jets fans are worried because kicker doug brien just missed a field goal.. the ball looked good.. looked good.. OMG IT HIT THE POST!!! but it bounced in giving us the extra point.. jets fans' hearts stopped.. we were in awe.. how could this incredible kicker be soo off tonight? during such an important game?? but we calmed down, since we were up 7-0!!! unfortunately, in the second quarter, the chargers score a touchdown, tying the game at 7.. first half ends.. third quarter begins.. with about 9:50 left to go in the quarter, chad pennington throws a bomb.. sooo high in the air we're all on the edge of our seats like OMFG and santana moss makes a fucking unbelievable catch!!! TOUCHDOWN JETS!!! aahhhhh!!! this time, kicker doug brien makes the kick cleanly giving the jets a 14-7 lead.. a field goal is made, giving the jets a 17-7 lead over the chargers.. sometime in there i missed the chargers score a field goal.. its 17-10.. end of the fourth quarter.. its first down and goal.. the jets stop them on first down, phew.. second down too!! omgg omg omg its getting really close.. third down on the one yd line.. THEY DONT SCORE!! THE JETS MAKE A HUGE WALL AND BLOCK HIM!!! OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! fourth ndd one.. they're going for a pass.. quarterback drew brees backs up.. OMG!! LOOK!! THERES ERIC BARTON GOING FOR THE SACK!!!!! HE SACKS HIM!! JETS WIN THE GAME!! OMG!!!!!!!! THEY ADVANCE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THERE A FLAG ON THE FIELD FOR!!!!! the screaming changes from happy screams to WTF screams.. eric barton, the player who sacked drew brees, hits his helmet while bringing him down.. no yards can be gained for the chargers because they're on the one yard line.. but ITS AN AUTOMATIC FIRST DOWN.. wtf.. my father was screaming for the next 10 minutes about how stupid barton was.. we had the game won.. nd he goes n hits brees in the head.. so the chargers have a first down on the one yd line.. nd first play, they score a touchdown.. the kick is good.. only 12 seconds left in regulation.. they let the clock run.. game goes into over time.. WHAT THE HELL WAS BARTON THINKING!! i called rebecca.. we were like going crazy like wow the jets are soo discouraged, so are the fans, we feel like we threw this game away.. its lost.. we can barely sit there and watch it.. the chargers get the ball first, dont get anywhere.. the jets get the ball, get really close to field goal range, and then get sacked ((im telling you its like a tradition it happens every game!!!)).. they get nowhere.. the chargers get what will probably be their last run.. its a 40 yd. field goal attempt.. everyone says you know what, thats it.. its over.. he can make that kick easily.. its over.. i was feeling sick to my stomach cuz i knew we could go far in the playoffs this year.. i was like omg we sooo blew it.. the guy kicks the ball.. alright whatever its over..OMG HE FUCKING MISSED THE KICK!!!!!!! OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the greatest moment.. we were going crazy!!! all of bay ridge was awake cuz of our screaming!!! it was the greatest moment!!! im telling you.. theres no words to describe the happy feeling.. we get the ball back.. we run it downfield.. we have great position.. omg we could score a field goal!!! but brien missed the first field goal, was shaky on the first extra point kick.. we were soo fucking worried.. BUT HE MAKES THE KICK!! we all start celebrating!!!!!!! they won the game!!! omg!!!!!! why isnt the score going up??? wtf!!! the chargers called a time out before the kick.. omggg it doesnt count.. wtf.. we were like wow could anything else possibly go wrong?? we get another chance at the kick.. omgg is brien shaken by that?? will he miss it again??? NO!!! HE MAKES IT!!! AND THE JETS ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TIME THERES NO PROBLEM WITH IT!!!!!!! WE WIN!!! AND THE JETS ADVANCE!!!

wow that was the most exciting game of my life.. like a roller coaster.. you get to the top of the hill ndd feel like urr on top of the world ((we won the game!!!)) ndd then the biggest drop you could ever imagine comes.. ((barton hits brees)) it was crazyyyy ...
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from ur art buddy Kristin--*woo woop*, 01-09-05 1:53pm

omfg yeah that game wasa soo fuckin crazzyy-one minute ur lyk yes we won!! the next ur lyk OH NO EWW we lost--haha but they pulled through THANK GOODNESS---but im sorry i luv the patriots-Tom Brady--HELL YEAH--lolol==ight ttyl mwauh<3

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Re: from ur art buddy Kristin--*woo woop*, 01-09-05 5:29pm

lmaoo.. ehh the patriots are alright.. i guess i'll root for them if they get to the superbowl but only if the jets aint in it with them!! lmaoo.. did you like how super long my entry was? lmaoo.. laterr art buddieee!


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